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The prices of power and gas won’t be increased anymore: PM Khan


Imran Khan—the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Monday pledged that his government will not further increase the prices of gas and electricity in the country at any cost.

While addressing the participants of the inauguration ceremony of the Ehsas Kafalat Programme at Ghalanai in district Mohmand, PM Khan said that the PTI-led federal government of Pakistan was taking all the possible steps to reduce the prices and provide relief to the people of Pakistan.

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“The previous governments had made 20-30 years contracts with power making companies. When PTI came into power there were circular debts in the energy sector due to which we increased electricity prices,” the prime minister told the gathering.

He further said that the government of Pakistan will stop the production of those power distribution companies of the country found involved in making electricity costly.

“The government will not put a burden on the people of Pakistan and the industrial sector anymore,” he added.

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