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The PM Assured to Uplift the Industrial Sector

Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the further improvement of the industrial sector and welcomed suggestions from the business community.

Imran Khan

In a recent address, PM Imran Khan said that his government’s top priority was the development of the industrial sector.

He was communicating to a group of leading exporters on Thursday. He said that it was his government’s aim to improve the economy, create new jobs, and generate wealth.

He convinced the members of the meeting that every suggestion from them would be warmly welcomed and implemented to further develop the business community.

The members also shared their trust in the current government. They said that the recent amendments and announcements have given them new hope. They believe that the government is working hard to upraise the economic scale of the country.

An earlier announcement by the PM on the surplus for FY21 also boosted the morale of the business community and the nation as a whole.

PM Imran Khan also ensured the industrialists that the government of Pakistan is also working hard to overcome the provision of power to the sector.

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