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The Pink Rickshaw Rally Tomorrow in Lahore

For celebrating women empowerment, the pink-rickshaw ladies would be driving their respective pink rickshaws in a rally formation on the streets of Lahore, tomorrow that is October 14. There would be a total of sixteen female rickshaw drivers who would be cruising around the city. The rally would be starting from the Jahangir Khan Road, Lahore Cantt and would be arriving at Jinnah Library via the Mall Road. These women want to become the channels via which change could be brought in the enablement of Pakistani women.

The caravan of these pink-rickshaw drivers would be starting at 3:00 pm and would be reaching the Jinnah Library in between 3:30/4:00 pm.

The streets of Punjab’s metropolis were tickled pink once before on October 10, 2015, in a rally driven by women in pink auto-rickshaws. This rally was also staged to show women empowerment. The rickshaws carried travelers from common social groups and charity representatives. The rickshaws were pink in color that were zipping through the city highlighting the problems faced by Pakistani women.

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Zar Aslam, president- non-profit Environment Protection Fund (EPF) was the founder of this project. She launched the service especially for females after noticing the harassment females experience at the hands of rickshaw drivers.
She mentioned at the time of launch that this pink-rickshaw is our initiative to empower women.

Pakistani women are still facing daily life taboos when it comes to the way they dress or the type of job roles they can do. But, now people are getting more flexible to accept changes much more easily than before, but still seeing a woman driving a taxi or rickshaw would still appear weird. But the participants of the rally hope to change this image.

One of the drivers of pink-rickshaw rally Mina Malik Hussain said that the rally would make a difference and that is what that matters.
She also added that the project cannot solve the problems completely but would provide many opportunities for women. It is indeed a very big step towards good times.