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The passengers are ready for the world’s longest flight

As many as 161 passengers were getting ready to board the longest flight in the world on Thursday. The flight will remain in the air for 19 hours from Singapore to New York.

Two pilots and a special wellness menu will be available during the flight. However, more than seven weeks’ worth of television and film entertainment will also be provided to the passengers during the journey of 16,700 kilometers (10,400 miles).

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Flight number SQ22 of the Singapore Airline will use the long-range Airbus A350-900ULR for the world’s longest flight. The details further said that the flight has been designed to carry 161 passengers which include 67 in the business class and 94 in the premium economy.

Two first officers and 13-strong cabin contingent will be available for the flight crew. With the help of these arrangements, the workload will be broken up as every person getting a compulsory minimum four hours’ rest during the flight.

The Singapore Airline said that the dining options will be included dishes that have been chosen to promote well-being in the air, with organic food items on the menu.

The cabins in the plane have higher than the normal ceilings, larger windows than the normal and lighting designed to reduce jet lag.

The two-engine plane that will make the world’s longest journey uses a modified system. By using this system, the plan burns 25 percent less fuel as compared to the other aircraft with the similar size, said Airbus.

The world’s largest flight from Singapore to New York can take up to 18 hours and 45 minutes under the normal weather conditions. However, the pilots of the flight will have something in reserve in the aircraft which makes it capable of flying more than 20 hours without any stop.