The Oppo Find N2 is likely the foundation for the OnePlus Open foldable


When it comes to foldable smartphones, Samsung is not the only brand that owns them. There are several Chinese companies that have entered the foldable smartphone market. Previously, Oppo introduced Oppo Find N2. As of now, another Chinese company OnePlus is ready to introduce the OnePlus Open in the market.

We have been hearing a lot about foldable smartphones coming from OnePlus for quite some time now. Rumors have unveiled a lot about the upcoming smartphone. Recently, a tipster named Max Jambor shared a lot of details about the OnePlus Open. One of the most interesting things that grabbed my attention is the indication of the similarity of the OnePlus Open with the Oppo Find N2. Notably, the tipster has shared a significant proportion of details about the OnePlus Open in the past few months. So, we can expect some level of trust in the information he shares.

Well, it is not the design that is being discussed here rather it is the form factor. The tipster claims that OnePlus Open will implement the form factor of Oppo Find N2. It means that Open will feature the same dimensions as Find N2. Well, it is somehow acceptable since the Find N2 is limited to China and the upcoming OnePlus Open will debut in the western market as well, but with a different name. Recent rumors claim that the device will be released on August 29 and will have availability in the US as well, so we won’t have to wait around for much longer.