The New Windows 10 Option To Start With February Patch day

Microsoft no longer releases new functions and improvements only as part of the major annual version updates, but also with optional updates and on Patch Day. We’ll see what’s new to discover on Patch Day in February.

Microsoft basically releases important innovations and optimizations at any time, but always together with security and maintenance updates. The new cycle provides that functions will first be released with monthly optional updates.

Then every user can choose whether he wants to use the update or not. On the regular Patch Day on the second Tuesday of the month, all the content of the optional update will also be distributed to other users. According to Microsoft, it is not planned to release the new functions to all users at once, but only gradually.

We reported on the most important new features of the optional January update more than three weeks ago. This content has now been adopted for Windows 10 for February Patch Day.

Most of the changes are improvements and non-security bug fixes. The update starts for users of Windows 10 versions 22H2, 21H2, and 20H2. New features include a storage warning for Microsoft OneDrive subscribers on the Systems page in the Settings app. According to the Windows team, there are no other changes this month. Microsoft writes in the Knowledge Base that the following innovations have started:


  • New! This update displays storage alerts for Microsoft OneDrive subscribers on the Systems page in the Settings app. The alerts appear when you are approaching your storage limit. They can also manage their storage and purchase additional storage if needed.