The new emojis will be available on the iPhone and Google Pixel in 2024

According to some recent pieces of information, the Unicode Consortium has released the new Emoji 15.1 specifications. They are reported to be improved around September 2023. It indicates that they could be included in iOS 17. Moreover, they will be included in the Android phones scheduled for release later this year or next year as a feature drop.

Emojipedia has listed down a number of new emojis. Currently, they are under review. The emojis that qualify for the review and get reviewed make their way to the official release. Although we have received a picture of the new proposed emojis they can’t be considered final since they could change give given the review.

Emoji 15.1 include 108 new directional emoji

Presently, we have access to a number of emojis. However, the latest specifications indicate that 108 more emojis are on their way. Now, the majority of these are emoji of humans with various skin tones. The emoji are extensions of the person walking, running, kneeling, using a white cane, using a manual wheelchair, and the person using a motorized wheelchair emoji. Additionally, orientation instructions like left and right are added.

The characters of Emoji 15.1 are believed to be finalized in September 2023. The smartphone companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple will roll out them via software updates. Since Google and Apple follow this very particular behavior. The tech giant Google could introduce the new emojis to its Pixel smartphones as a feature drop. Other OEMs will adopt them via software updates. It indicates that not every Android device will receive the new emojis at the same time.

Back in February 2023, iPhone introduced the latest set of emojis to iPhone with iOS 16.4. Whereas Google rolled out the last set of emojis to Pixel in January through the QPR3 Beta 2. Later on, the company rolled out the emojis to all Pixel devices notably in March.