The NBA and Google Pixel will keep working together

NBA and Google Pixel have been working in close association for the past two seasons of NBA games. Well, the partnership is reported to be continued for this season as well. The company has used the tagline “Project Built Different” for the new season. The promotional material for the season shows the usage of the AI capabilities of the Google Pixel 8 on and off the ground.

Well, this is not all since the company will keep promoting its products during games, half-time breaks, and wherever feasible. The company has used the services of Druski for the new sponsorship promotional video. Druski’s only goal, as seen in the sponsored promotional video, was to enter the NBA at whatever cost. Druski was interested in becoming a player, a pressman, a stylist, an agent, or even a commentator. He performed these responsibilities to the best of his abilities, thanks to the performance and AI capabilities of the Pixel 8 Pro.

Furthermore, the video shows some NBA players, including Jalen Green, Kelsey Plum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jimmy Butler, who have a potential partnership with Google. The company will show off the latest Pixel 8 series throughout the NBA season. The features of Pixel 8, like Magic Eraser, Audio Magic Eraser, Magic Editor, and Zoom Enhance, will be the center of attention. It seems like the upcoming NBA season will have a lot to offer from both ends, i.e., Google and players.

Concerns have also been raised by some fans over the notebooks Durski was carrying around. a few times during the video. Does Google intend to introduce new products to bring the Pixelbook series back to life? We’ll have a legitimate response to that query in the upcoming weeks.

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