The iPhone 15 series’ Wi-Fi problems have not yet been resolved

Reportedly, there are serval problems with the new iPhone 15 series, including overheating issues and display burn-in problems. In addition to this, another problem with the Wi-Fi was reported by users. According to users, the problem still persists even after updating their device to iOS 17.1. Two weeks ago, users reported this problem. They were experiencing problems like excruciatingly poor connection speeds and the inability to load content. They reported these issues on the community forums of the company as well as on Reddit.

“This issue hasn’t been resolved with the 17.1 release and is very disappointing,” stated one of the impacted individuals in an expression of his complaints. Since I gave my iPhone 13 Pro to a relative, I am unable to get it back. It is not possible to change or modify a router at an Airbnb when I am traveling during the winter, and I will be gone for six months. I’m starting to worry that my brand-new phone may be unusable while traveling.

The scenario is made worse by the fact that the iPhone 15 is unable to load material while other devices on the same network function properly and that there doesn’t seem to be a reliable fix, such as switching to the 2.4G band.

Apple’s response

As compared to the overheating issue, the company has not responded to this situation yet. There is no official statement from the company about the persistent Wi-Fi problems with the iPhone 15 series. Notably, there are about 19 pages of complaints about this issue on the company’s community site.

How it can be resolved?

This problem has no permanent solution. Several users have dealt with this issue by adopting different approaches. According to a user, when he changed the Wi-Fi channel range to 20 MHz, 40 MHz, or 80 MHz, the problem was solved. According to some other users, enabling and disabling airplane mode fixed the issue.

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