The iPhone 15 might be the company’s most AI-focused smartphone to date

It appears like Apple is a bit shy to publicly chant and advertise AI incorporation into its products. But the Cupertino-based tech firm has been using AI in its products and services for some time now. Surprisingly, the company has utilized an LLM for autocorrection in iOS 17. When it comes to the upcoming flagship iPhone model i.e., iPhone 15 series the company has introduced a health app backed by AI.

Well, the recent information is sourced out by an industry insider namely Dan Ives. The source claims that overall the company has stressed out the role of artificial intelligence more than ever in its iPhone 15 series. Although we can’t expect the company to claim that it is utilizing artificial intelligence. Apple typically avoids using names that are already in use by other businesses like the new headset it revealed at WWDC, 120Hz, AI, ML, and even VR.

According to the information provided by the insider, the company is adding AI to the Health app. It could be a turning point. Basically, AI would be able to provide individualized recommendations concerning the person’s daily activities given sufficient time and user-machine interactions. It can help with suggesting workout schedules or diet plans. The information like sleep, heart rate, and breathing data will help formulate the suggested plans.

The iPhone 15 might learn your moods via AI

Surprisingly, the iPhone 15 will use AI to detect the user’s mood. It will be done by tracking the user’s speech as well as text messages. Currently, there are no precise details on the functionality of this feature and why it would be restricted to the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 is expected to have a similar exterior, but it appears like there will be several inside improvements that could make this the year to update to a new iPhone.