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The importance of virtual reality in business

VR technology has come a long way in quite a short space of time, and unlike the ‘3D glasses’ gimmick that seems to have largely run its course, it seems like this technology is here to stay, increasingly being adopted into different mainstream industries and even in the business sphere.

Interested to learn more about the importance of virtual reality in business, and how it might be able to benefit your business/line of work in the future? Here’s a little bit more general information about the technology itself, as well as some examples of interesting professional uses that you may not have considered.

Breaking down VR

  • How it works – Based around a headset with two high-resolution lenses, VR projects a fully immersive, 3D image that tricks the brain into thinking it’s somewhere it isn’t. From distant fictional lands to trips abroad from the comfort of your own home, the possibilities are endless. Of course, the visual aspect of the tech is the most important thing, but accompanying controllers and sensors are now a normal inclusion for a VR setup, allowing the realism to go that one step further.
  • The leading tech – At the moment, while VR technology has certainly been adopted more widely in different spheres, its current most popular use is in entertainment, for theme park rides and interactive film experiences, and for video games, within high-end PCs and games consoles.Perhaps one of the most high-achieving benchmarks at the moment for virtual reality gaming is Half-Life: Alyx, a title released earlier this year to huge critical success.
  • Getting involved – If you want to give virtual reality technology a try, but don’t have the money to splash out on a high-end PC or games console in order to try it out, there are luckily quite a few entry-level alternatives for those wanting to dip their toes in the water. While not as immersive or high-fidelity, most smartphones can be used in conjunction with a cheap cradle or buildable VR kits, in order to give you a taste of what the tech is like and how it works.

Examples of current usages

Again, the benefits and usages of virtual reality technology are quite varied, and a lot of different companies are already utilizing the technology in order to help them get the job done more efficiently. For inspiration on how you might be able to use VR to assist in your line of work, here are a few examples: Forward-thinking investment – As part of their wide array of digitally-available investment materials, allowing international investors enquiring remotely and those stuck at home due to the current pandemic situation to get involved, RWinvest offers ‘virtual reality’ viewings on many of their developments throughout Liverpool and Manchester. Providing a 3D visualization of what the property looks like from a first-person perspective, it gives buyers a unique look that they perhaps might not have been able to get from simple floor plans or blueprints.

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