The HTML version of Gmail will soon be abandoned


Gmail is the most popular email service across the globe. It can be accessed in different ways. One of the methods used for accessing Gmail is the HTML version. Well, this won’t be the case in the future since Google is looking to abandon it. The recent information was shared by the company in its Google support article.

If a user wants to access Gmail in an area with a slow internet connection, then the HTML version comes to our rescue. It is a lighter version and can run on low internet speeds as compared to the Gmail app, which requires a reasonable internet connection.

Google is discontinuing Gmail’s HTML version

Well, this is quite an upsetting update since users will face difficulties while accessing Gmail in areas with low internet connections. According to the details, the HTML version will officially discontinue early next year, i.e., in January 2024. This means that users have only three months of access to the stripped-down version of Gmail.

With its discontinuation, we will have no other alternative. We will only have access to the standard version. While not the most appealing website on the internet, the ordinary version offers a few extraneous features. If you’re only attempting to load the necessary items, these could obstruct your path.

We hope that Google might be working on some alternatives. Well, it will be good if users get a chance to select the animations and additions of their choice, thus eventually enabling users to manage their emails and get back to work with ease. In addition to this, Google has recently introduced some new features that make it easy to manage the Gmail inbox on the Android app.

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