The Hocane Sisters Announces their Clothing Line

Hocane sisters

The Hocane sisters have announced their clothing line. They shared the news of their first collaboration on Instagram.

Both sisters—Mawra and Urwa are each other’s biggest support system and do not hesitate in expressing their feelings. The sisters shared on Instagram—a social media platform that they are trying to translate their inspiring journey as sisters filled with affection and love into something tangible, by the launch of their clothing line.

The brand named—UXM features casual Western-Wear and accessories.

The brand has got the tagline— “the girls who can”. The well-loved sisters have shared that the clothing line is for all the girls who could dare to live life on their own terms and conditions and yet sync with the beautiful surroundings around them.

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Mawra and Urwa are famous for their style statement and are often seen wearing international designer wear.

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Mawra Hocane has completed her studies recently in law, while Urwa Hocane is presently working on the production of a film—Tich Button.

Many Pakistani celebrities have gotten into the clothing business be it Ahsan Khan or Fawad Khan who owns a clothing brand with his wife Sadaf.

The Hocane sisters are super thrilled for this new project and we wish them well.

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