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The Growing Trend of Video Email Marketing And Its Benefits


There are loads of ways that you can put videos in to use and more so, there are endless benefits that come with it. One good way you can make use of videos in email marketing because Email Marketing is still the number one cheap digital marketing platform. Here are some of the benefits that come with using web videos and video email marketing.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Everyone in the email campaigning business prefers using text emails. You, on the other hand, can take advantage of this fact and use video email marketing which will make you stand out from the crowd. This strategy can see more traffic being driven to your website without you having to struggle much. But you must first learn how to send videos through email.

Audio and Visual Stimulus Remembered Longer

Another benefit of using videos in these kinds of tasks is the fact that they remain in the recipient’s mind for a longer period of time. It is a proven fact that combining both audio and visual stimuli will increase retention.

Become The Leader
You will also be a leader in your field when you use videos for email marketing. The use of videos in these kinds of tasks is increasingly becoming popular among email campaigns and being left behind will only be bad for you. The use of videos will only go higher and you would be better off joining the number of people taking advantage of this.

Show More To Your Customers
You will let your customers know more about you. Most people will only do business with people they know a thing or two about. Using videos in your email marketing strategies will only add your points. This is mainly because videos give a wider perspective of the services and products you offer and more people are bound to visit your site.

Consumers Prefer To Watch
We all know the benefits associated with improved communication and that’s exactly what videos do. It is also reported that 55% of consumers search product videos online, Just like in entertainment where people wait for the movie rather than read the book, some of your audiences would rather learn about you via audiovisual stimulus than text emails.

Be Comprehensive and Complete in your message
Videos are recorded which means you will have enough time to brush the whole thing to perfection. You can easily make corrections and adjustments and only send the perfect copy. This is unlike when presenting live to an audience where you can make mistakes at any time.

People better understand visuals
Texts can often be misinterpreted. You might be trying to deliver this message, but your recipients might understand it in another way. This is usually because of a lack of body and facial expressions. Videos will put across your message in the best way.

Save Time and Energy
Videos may also reduce the number of calls to customer support, which means you may not need to hire more people in that area. This is because videos explain a lot and don’t have to be renewed for a long period of time. A single video can serve you for months or even years without the need to change it or make any adjustments.

As you can see, there are many ways you can put videos to use as far as email marketing is concerned. You will be delivering your messages in a better way which is bound to bring more customers to your website.