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The growing influence of Crystal Meth in Pakistan

Crystal Meth Pakistan

Crystal Meth, a short name of Crystal Methamphetamine a recreational drug which is now a growing problem for not only Pakistan but also western countries. The drug is commonly known as Crystal Meth, but it is also known as Ice drug in Pakistan.

Few years back there was no sign of such drug in Pakistan but during 2018, Khyber Pakhtunkha (KP) Police confiscated 26.168 Kilos of Crystal Meth as a result of various raids. The drug circulation is definitely a lot more than what is caught only in KP province. However, the police caught 20.70 Kilograms of Meth during 2017 which was up by 26.41 percent in one year.

The Federal Capital Islamabad is said to be affected the most with this new type of drug, and the most affected segment is university students in Islamabad. According to Interior Minister for State Shehryar Afridi,

75 percent of Female and 45 percent of male are addicted to Crystal Meth in Islamabad—Minister For State Interior

It was shocking to discover that female percentage of Crystal Meth addicts is much higher than male, most of the drug addicts in Islamabad belong to well-off educated families and studying in reputed universities.

According to the reports, the illicit drugs are thriving in Federal Capital especially in educational institutions as well as other parts of the country; students are now more prone to substance abuse within the educational institutions more than anywhere else.

It was reported last month, that Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) busted a three-member gang in Islamabad for supply illicit drugs in Islamabad including Crystal Meth, according to the sources, the three-member gang also included Quetta police official, the authorities confiscated one kg of heroine, one kg of Crystal Meth and 18 kg of hashish from the gang.

The Real Danger

Drugs and substance abuse are always dangerous not only to one’s health but also the entire society, drug addiction also affects social relations and people around. The dangers of drug abuse are on one side but the real danger is substandard even fake substance.

As the popularity of the drug is growing and it pays off good money to suppliers several opportunists jump into the market and play this dangerous game with the lives of others. Local news channel Samaa reported two days ago, that Peshawar police arrested a gang of four people for manufacturing Crystal Meth in a small factory in Peshawar. According to the details, the police seized 15 kilograms of Crystal Meth from the gang.