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The Growing Child Abuse in Pakistan And Its Prevention

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On the 26th of December, the body of a 3-year-old-girl—Faryal was found outside in the cold weather after she was left kidnapped in tehsil Havelian of Abbottabad and then was raped a day later. It is horrifying to know that another incident of such has occurred when the wounds of Zainab are still fresh and bleeding.

An NGO by the name of Sahil working for the safeguard of children against violence has published a report on the 30th of August 2018, which has stated the number of child abuse cases in the country during the span of January to June 2018. The shocking statistics revealed that during the initial 6 months of the year 56 per cent of minor girls and 44 per cent of minor boys were harassed sexually.

The report also indicated that the highest number of child abuse cases had been reported from the province of Punjab as it experienced a surge in the cases of abuse by 32 per cent in comparison to that in 2017.

It is an unlucky and unforgettable fact that the number of such cases is increasing on a per day basis in the country. Pakistanis as a nation have always believed that prevention is better than the cure however it is time to rule out some dirty and dreadful trends from our society.

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Child abduction, rape, attempt to rape, missing children and gang rape are such categories of crime which requires a permanent solution.

Children are like the flowers of society, they are the building blocks of any nation and unluckily the future of these children hence in a way ours is in complete danger. This curse could not be halted just by restricting our children in homes all the time as anyone could be paedophilia.

Majorly mothers are in full knowledge if their daughters are the victims of sexual harassment, but they maintain their silence because of family honour. Many a time, the children suffer as their parents trust the wrong persons with them, these persons are sometimes the close blood relatives.

The evil and filthy acts and things should be put to an end. It is a fact that diseased individuals need proper cure and not the victims who on a constant basis worry about taking preventions for the problems of someone else.

 One step that as parents we all could adopt is to educate our children about self-protection and should give them the courage that they make speak and share if they find the behaviour of any aunty or uncle unusual towards them.

Another important thing that we all need to realize and accept fast is that we should not trust anybody with our children.

The new government should take all the needed steps for putting a halt to the hazard of child abuse.

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