The Gmail app has been improved for Android tablets


Google has significantly enhanced Android for tablets. The business has worked hard to improve the operating system and apps for large-screen devices, such as tablets and foldable phones, since the release of Android 12L a few years ago. It pledged to make over fifty stock apps more tablet-friendly. One such update is currently on the way for the Gmail app, which is pre-installed on every Android tablet.

According to 9To5Google, the most recent version of the Gmail app has a navigation rail on the left side of the screen in place of a bottom bar. A few months ago, this redesign was made for foldable phones. The hamburger navigation menu, composing email, Gmail, chats, spaces, and meeting video calls are all accessible through the buttons on this new navigation rail. You can always tell which tab you are presently browsing thanks to the circular tab indicator on the selected tab.

The navigation rail takes up some room from the email threads, but it wouldn’t be a problem at all because tablets have more screen real estate available on the sides when held in landscape mode. After updating the Gmail app to the most recent version from the Play Store, you can see if you have this new update, which is now visible to select users.

You might need to wait a few days for this design change to be rolled out to you if you haven’t noticed it in the Gmail app on your Galaxy Tab devices. We hope Google keeps up the fantastic effort to enhance not only the operating system and built-in apps but also to inspire outside developers to create more attractive apps for tablets and foldable phones.

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