The Galaxy Tab A9 may be an ODM product manufactured by another company

A few weeks ago, the South Korean conglomerate Samsung debuted the FE versions of its Galaxy Tab S9 flagship series. Recently, the company introduced two more tablets in the cheaper category, i.e., the Galaxy Tab A9. Similar to other Galaxy A products, the new series (the Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+) might be ODM devices.

According to a source from Japan, the newly debuted Galaxy Tab A9+ is an ODM product. It is the second ODM product that will enter the Japanese market. Japan’s Blog of Mobile has not shared any further details. There is no clue that could lead us to the manufacturer who has manufactured the Tab A9 series for the South Korean tech firm.

Anyways Galaxy Tab A9 is a Samsung product

Basically, the term ODM means that the design, development, and supply of a device are conducted by another company under the original company brand name. The original company signs a contract that gives the other company permission to manufacture and release the device. Notably, an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) can’t do things independently. They have to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in the contract. It is not possible for an ODM to mark almost any device as a Samsung Galaxy. Fundamentally, it must still be a Galaxy device.

However, being an ODM device, Samsung hasn’t been as actively engaged in the research, design, component supply chain, and manufacture of the Galaxy Tab S9 as it would have been if it had been an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tablet. As such, Samsung has been less engaged with this one. Those responsibilities were taken over by another business, an ODM, in return for a larger portion. Well, if the above-mentioned information is correct, then Samsung had to put in less effort to take it to market. Whatever the case may be, the device still falls under the Galaxy product list.

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