The Galaxy S24 Ultra is quickly becoming the greatest S Pen phone!

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is expected to be unveiled in January 2024, will be the best S Pen phone we’ve seen in a long time. The first purported live photographs of the phone have surfaced.

The Edge display did, in fact, give the Galaxy Note 10 a stylish appearance. The Note 10 made for an attractive photo. Beyond looks, though, the Edge design made the phone slick, and the curved panel detracted from the S Pen experience.

It has never seemed like a smart design decision to combine a curved screen with a precision input device like the S Pen. The Galaxy Note 10 prioritized design over functionality a bit too much. Furthermore, it looks like the Galaxy Note’s long-standing issue will need to be resolved by a Galaxy S flagship.

Perhaps the greatest S Pen flagship in years is the Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy Note 20 marked the end of the Galaxy Note series; however, the Galaxy S Ultra continues the legacy of the series. Since the original Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has been the closest Samsung has come to a flat screen; however, it appears that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first to forgo the Edge display entirely.

Based on leaked information, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to be the first flagship S Pen device in a long time to have a fully flat screen, which could improve the S Pen experience.

It remains to be seen if the Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring any additional S Pen enhancements or even better accuracy and lower latency. But it’s already a huge relief that fans of the S Pen will be able to use their beloved tool across the whole display surface without having to worry about it slipping over a curve.

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