The following Reddit apps from third parties will continue to exist


On June 30th, several third-party Reddit apps went offline owing to the current modifications in the company’s API policy. Popular apps like Sync, Apollo, ReddPlanet, BaconReader, and Reddit is Fun left space. However, other third-party apps like MultiTab, Infinity, Narwhal, and Relay will survive amid the company’s API changes taking effect from July 1st. The above-mentioned third-party apps will cover the huge API fees via subscriptions.

“Narwhal won’t be leaving on July 1st. Rick Harrison, the developer of the iOS-only Reddit app, announced in a post that subscriptions will be arriving over the following few months. The subscription will cost around $4 to $7 per month. Notably, the subscriptions will be restricted by the number of API requests. According to Harrison, some users won’t have the ability to cross the defined limit. Whereas some power users could pay extra to gain access to extra API requests. The modification will be introduced as part of “Narwhal 2” over the course of the next few months.

Basically, Narwhal 2 is a subscriber-only model. It won’t include ads, a new design, or new features. rather it is a complete rewrite of the app. The makers will decide on the final subscription fees in the next few weeks. The subscription charges are dependent on the API calls per user. On the fresh download of the app, users will receive a free trial of one hour.

Harrison was asked if he had reached an agreement with Reddit, but he “declined to answer.” This is significant because RIF and Apollo’s developers have both denied Reddit’s accusations that they were unwilling to cooperate with the business.

With subscriptions, MultiTab, Infinity, and Relay will also pay Reddit’s API charges

Some other Reddit third-party apps that will stay functional include MultiTab, Infinity, and Relay. All these apps will introduce subscriptions to cover the API costs. As per the information, the subscription prices for MultiTab will increase. They will now cost $2.99 per month whereas the yearly subscription will cost around $6.99.

Infinity is an Android-only Reddit app. It will also upgrade to a subscription-only mode. It will cost around $3 per month. It might skip the Play Store premises but will be available on GitHub. In addition to this, Relay will also add subscription prices. Besides this, some apps like RedReader, Dystopia, and Luna have received accessibility exemptions from the company. They will be available without any major modifications.