The first foldable that you can fix yourself is the Pixel Fold

Various smartphone companies have introduced their foldable flagships. As of now, Google is all set to introduce its first foldable smartphone i.e., Pixel Fold. Honestly, the foldable from Google is not different from other available foldable. However, the company is holding a superior spot from one perspective. Notably, the Pixel Fold is going to be the first foldable smartphone that can be repaired by users on their own.

Currently, the tech giant Google is facing difficulties with the shipments of Pixel Fold. The company is pushing back the shipment dates. Several users pre-ordered the smartphones that were expected to arrive as early as Monday. However, they have now been rescheduled for early next month. Some users might be required to wait for a little longer until next month. It appears to be a serious problem since by then Samsung would have launched its next-gen foldables.

Repair your Pixel Fold on your own

iFixit is a well-known repair company. In 2022, Google collaborated with iFixit to provide users with self-repair tools and kits. As per the information shared by 9to5Google, the partnership is continued. It will cover the upcoming foldable smartphone as well.

Users will be given access to guidelines, tools, and genuine parts to repair the damage. Users could repair the display, battery, and charging accessories using the toolkits. It goes without saying that having the ability to repair the screen is crucial. Additionally, the inner foldable display is included with this.

In case a user is not willing to use the self-repair kit, Google will perform the repair for them. Users can mail in their smartphones or visit a physical repair store. Users can get their devices repaired for a monthly plan or a one-time payment plan.

Well, this is a huge offering from Google as no other company is offering such services. it is possible that the hardware of the company’s first foldable is not well-refined. From this perspective, it is good to have the option of self-repair.