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The famous Louvre Museum in Paris reopens after 4-Months

Louvre Museum

World’s most visited Museum, The Louvre has been reopened on Monday after a closure of almost four-months. Although, nearly a third of its galleries are still closed.

The previous place of France’s kings has lost almost 40 million euros in ticket sales during this lockdown period. According to the director, Jean-Luc Martinez says that it can have a few more thin years as the world adjusts to the coronavirus.

The most popular art pieces of the museum including the Mona Lisa and its vast antiquities collection are accessible for now. On the other hand, galleries, where social distancing is difficult, will remain closed.

Also, nobody will be allowed to crowd in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece for pictures. All the visitors are asked to stand on the well-distanced spots marked on the floor to maintain social distance.

In order to avoid a crowd, the authorities have put up arrows to guide the visitors through the labyrinth of galleries.

Martinez said that the number of visitors can sharply drop like last year 9.6 million visitors were from overseas.

According to him, eighty percent of their public have been lost.

Martinez estimated that the visitors are going to reduce by 20-30 percent this year as compared to the last summer.

The museum is trying to attract the French visitors so that the gap could be filled.

The Louvre Museum needs to reassure people that the collection it carries is for them with improved labelling, curation and presentation.

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