The EU issues new regulations for Microsoft, Google, and Amazon cloud computing services

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The cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are under strict observance from the EU. As per the recent pieces of information, these cloud service providers now need to work in partnership with other EU cloud service providers (CSPs). Although these tech companies might not like this deal they don’t have a choice.

As of now, the new guidelines have appeared in the form of a draft. The main purpose of this bill seems to be the protection of sensitive data of citizens that reside in the European Union and its regions. The EU believes that since Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are non-European companies they are required to be observed by the EU.  

Some sources have access to the proposed draft. It contains all the conditions and limitations that the EU is set to place on foreign cloud service providers. Well, all of this is a measure to ensure the protection of citizens residing in any member state of the European Union. Actually, the EU states that sensitive data can only be handled by firms that come under their geographical boundaries. For this reason, the foreign cloud service provider like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon need to follow the guidelines.

Furthermore, the draft even indicates that the workers working in these companies must live in the EU region. In this way, the EU will have a watchful eye on how workers handle sensitive data. Moreover, the equipment used to host cloud services must be operated and maintained entirely within the EU.

In case of a data breach the firms will have to face some strict penalties as of now, the bill is in form of a draft. It might or might not make its way as the law. However, if the bill passes then Microsoft, Google, and Amazon could be in a difficult situation. More information about this draft is expected to pour n in the coming months.