The enterprise edition is the new version of ChatGPT

Chat gpt

Several companies have adopted ChatGPT in order to improve their efficiency and performance. Well, this was not recommended given the certain mechanics of ChatGPT. To address this problem, OpenAI has come forward with an enterprise edition of ChatGPT that will include some new features and nullify the fears.

Why an Enterprise Edition is necessary?

AI has its own set of advantages when it comes to improving the performance and efficiency of any business. ChatGPT has the ability to automate several tasks for the company based on the information provided by users. In simple words, it is how OpenAI trains its AI chatbot.

In case, a user utilizes ChatGPT to carry out complex company tasks, the chatbot will require sensitive company information. The chatbot will use this information and upload it to OpenAI servers. Given this fact, there is a potential chance that the company’s information might be leaked.

ChatGPT gets an enterprise edition

In order to resolve the concerns of businesses, OpenAI debuted this new edition of ChatGPT. It is mainly concerned with the security and protection of the information fed to the chatbot. The enterprise edition won’t use any of the provided information for the purpose of training the LLM.

In this way, the company’s data will stay with the company. It might debut with a monthly subscription. Besides this, it accompanies certain other features, like unlimited access to high-speed GPT-4 and faster processing of complicated tasks. To determine the cost of integrating this version of ChatGPT into your business, get in touch with the sales staff of the provider. Additionally, OpenAI will provide costs that meet your demands if your business is smaller.