The Enforcement Directorate asserts that Xiaomi has breached India’s FEMA

Recently, the Enforcement Directorate of India issued a show-cause notice to several organizations. these include Citi Bank, HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank AG, as well as Xiaomi Technology India Ltd. You might be wondering what a show-cause notice is. Well, an order to show cause is the kind of court order that requests that one or more parties present evidence to support or refute a claim. In this scenario, there has been a $676 million-equivalent breach of the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

It is believed that the major culprit behind this act breach is Xiaomi. Whereas the banks mentioned above also received orders since they were involved in the breach. The Enforcement Directorate of India claims that banks permitted international transfers without first obtaining a Technical Collaboration Agreement.

If we look at the history of this problem, it seems to begin in 2022. It was when Xiaomi India’s bank accounts were impounded by the Indian government for an unauthorized capital withdrawal totaling the equivalent of $6.7 million. Following an examination by the Enforcement Directorate, it was determined that Xiaomi India had transported foreign currency outside of the nation. Furthermore, the company has retained it abroad on behalf of the group company. This is a clear breach of FEMA’s 1999 Section 4 regulations. Well, this is for now. We will cover more on this topic as soon as we receive future updates.