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The Emerging Trend of “Break-up Fee”

Earlier this month, the police of the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou responded to a call made by the bar staff reporting about finding a suspicious suitcase.

The suitcase had two million yuan in cash ($314,204)—which indeed is an extraordinary sum and could even be life-changing.

The police were able to locate the owner, who as per the police had a meetup planned with his ex-girlfriend in the bar.

The money was a “break-up fee”. Yes, you read it right. This is a new trend in Chinese dating.

As everyone is fully aware that dating is no small thing—it is expensive. From buying gifts to spending cash on meals and drinks there is a lot that needs to be looked after when in a relationship.

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Earlier there was this trend that after a break-up there was just this last awkward meeting for handing back each other’s’ stuff, it seems that no longer being content with the former trend a new trend is rising in the recent years in China. As sort of compensation at the end of a long-term relationship, break-up fee is paid.

The trend is not officially launched, nor it binds the duo legally, it is more like one party giving other a divorce settlement kind of thing.

The person ending the relationship has to pay the fee. The amount is decided based on the amount of time, money and effort invested in the relationship.

As per reports the fees could actually help the older women who feel they have no more chances as they could have had in their youth to either give preference to their career or to get settled officially.

Some cases of break-up fees have got into the media range like in January there was a case in the eastern city of Ningbo where a man demanded a compensation from his girlfriend who dumped him after he got bald.

In the case of the money left at the Hangzhou bar, the woman thought that the money was a few million short as reported by the Global Times.

She said that she left the money and told her ex to get it himself. However, she did not realize that her ex had already left the bar. Both came at the police station in hopes of recovering the money.

The money was returned to the man with the instruction to not be that careless in future. The young man in his twenties was confused whether the amount was enough or not that he has decided to give to his ex-girlfriend, as per reports.

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