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The Economic Cost of Azadi March


The sound of the marchers approaching nearer & nearer is directly proportional to the shopkeeper closing his shop early. To the professor leaving the class in a hurry, to make it home in time. To the businessman canceling the important meeting. To the university administration for rescheduling the papers. To the daily-waged laborer for losing his pay for the day, or maybe days.

The truth is that the sound of the Azadi marchers approaching the capital is directly proportional to an immense loss to the economy. You are spending on the security of the marchers, as there is a continuous direct loss to the businesses, trade, manufacturing industries leading to inflation and an increase in the fiscal deficit.

Interesting: Women are not allowed in Moulana’s Azadi March as a female reporter asked to leave

The tragedy does not end here. An internal disharmony will create a bleak image to the outsiders. An immediate downfall to tourism.

I believe in protest. I believe in raising voice for your rights but not at a cost of further denting my own home. The difference must be resolved in a manner that does not aggravate the situation. It’s high time we talk about real issues. Demanding resignation to have the same old faces back is not the solution.  Working individually and collectively towards making Pakistan a socially, economically and politically better nation, should be the goal.

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