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The deputy health minister of Iran affected with coronavirus

A Pakistan media outlet, while citing the semi-official news agency of Iran, said that the Deputy Health Minister of the Iranian government tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The spokesperson of the Health Ministry of Iran has confirmed this during an interview while saying that the deputy health minister has been placed under quarantine.

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The coronavirus—outbreak from China’s city Wuhan—took the lives of three more people in Iran. According to the report published by AFP, the number of the official death toll in Iran has reached 15. However, an Iranian lawmaker has claimed that the death toll in the country could be as high as 50 in the Iranian city Qom.

Rouhani-led government of Iran has pledged to be transparent after being accused of covering up the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country. President Rouhani called for calm on Tuesday and teams were deployed to disinfect public spaces.

It is worth mentioning here that despite being the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, the city of Qom has yet to be quarantined. Schools, universities and cultural sites have been shut across the country.

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