The Demand for Dried Fruits Surges in Winter All Across Pakistan

dried fruits

With the advent of winter, high demand for dried fruits has been witnessed all across the country. Packed with nutrients, the dried fruits make a necessary part of the diet of people as they have generally got fibre and serve as a source of antioxidants.

Although the dried fruit has been used for centuries, in view of modern research and proven health efficacy, the consumption of these has surged like never before.

Among an extensive variety of dried fruit available in Pakistan, walnuts have got the biggest demand for their nutritional value. To say that walnuts are high in nutritious content is a bit of an understatement as they have got plenty of minerals, vitamins and healthy fats.

Between 13 to 20percent of the contents of these dried fruits contains proteins, while 50 to 60percent of the content contains fat. 9 to 12percent contains starch, while the remaining 3 to 5percent contains calories.

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As per Dr Abdul Wahab—who practises at the Institute of Cardiology in Rawalpindi, walnuts are beneficial for the brain as well as for the nervous system.

He said that these nuts are very useful when they are ground and mixed with the milk. The daily use of the walnut milk is a great add on for being healthy. If you are using the supplements for healthy joints you can make an alternative choice and use nuts.

He mentioned that walnut in powdered form is good for skin.

Furthermore, the research has indicated that eating 1 ½ ounce of walnuts on a per-day basis as part of the low-saturated-fat and low-cholesterol diet while not surging the caloric intake might reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

People living in the cold regions often use it for dealing with the weather severity, while the one living in areas with moderate temperatures are also surging their walnuts intake.

Because of the higher demand of these fruits it is grown in great amount in Azad Kashmir, Murree, Baluchistan and Swat. The reason for their higher prices is because a walnut tree usually bears this fruit after 30 t0 40 years.

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