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The Colosseum of Rome turned red to protest Pakistan blasphemy law

The ancient Colosseum of Rome turned red on Saturday to express unity with the mistreated Christians, specifically for Asia Bibi—a woman who was sentenced to death under the blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

A huge crowd of people came out on the rainy night of Saturday outside the Roman amphitheatre—which symbolizes the martyrdom of the Christians of the early time, for hearing the husband and daughter of Asia Bibi.

The Catholic lady—Asia was living in Pakistan since 2010 on a death row when she was charged for supposedly making insulting remarks about Islam after her neighbours criticized to her drinking water from their glass as she was not Muslim.

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Amnesty International—a human rights group say that the blasphemy law is exploited a lot by the religious extremists as well as by the normal Pakistanis just for taking revenge or for personal reasons.

Secretary-General of the Italian Bishops Conference—Archbishop Nunzio Galantino told the crowd that the objective of laws relating blasphemy is to crush the ones who think differently.

At the Rome Gathering, her husband Ashiq Masih told that his wife was innocent of blasphemy. He added this is nothing but hate against the Christians, as they are taken as impure.

The husband and the daughter were earlier received by the Pope Francis. The Pope told the daughter that he often thinks of Asia and prays for her.

Antonio Tajani—the President of the European Parliament said that the mistreatment of Christians was a “genocide”.

He added that a message must be shown from this place. It is an obligation on Europe to defend the values of religious freedom wherever in the world they are crushed.

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