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The clean up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has started

great pacific garbage patch

An aggressive venture to tidy up the 88,000 tons of plastic gliding in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” has started. On Sunday, the Ocean Cleanup Project began towing its “Sea Cleanup System 001” from San Francisco to a preliminary site somewhere in the range of 240 nautical miles (260 miles) away. When it arrives, the breeze and waves will push System 001 into a U-shape and it will gradually float along individually.

A 10-foot long skirt hanging beneath will gather bits of plastic as little as a millimeter in a measure, and smaller boats will later scoop them up and take them to shore for reusing.

Amid the fourteen day preliminary, the framework will be broadly checked to ensure it does the activity while not hurting microscopic fish and other basic marine life.

“We want to catch plastic, not fish,” Joost Dubois from The Ocean Cleanup told CNN. “We’re trying to solve an environmental problem so we need to make sure we don’t create a bigger problem in its place.”

After the preliminary finishes, the boom will be towed another 900 nautical miles to start its primary mission, cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Groups will remain at the fix for a half year to keep checking, yet trust that an independent vehicle can carry out the action after they take off.

The Ocean Cleanup Project trusts that System 001 can separate around 55 tons of plastic from the sea every year. That wouldn’t make too huge a mark in the 88,000-ton fix, however, it would more than balance the nine tons of plastic that enter the sea every year. The group plans to in the end send 60 frameworks that would separate 50 percent of the junk fix plastic at regular intervals.

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