The budget-friendly REALME V13 is launching on March 31

Realme will be launching the Realm V13 at its upcoming event on March 31st and resembles V5, V11, and V15 in some ways.

Realme will be launching the Realm V13 at its upcoming event on March 31st. It’s expected that this smartphone will also remain exclusive to the Chinese market like others from the V series. The device is a budget-friendly 5G technology phone.

The Realme V13 is similar to its predecessor, Realm V15, which was launched two months ago. The design quite resembles the Realme V15, while there are some similarities with the Realme V11 5G.

At the backside, there’s a Quad-Camera setup with a setup. The phone has a display with a 90Hz of refresh rate. It is also expected that the phone will have an HD+ display. There will be a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

The Realme V13 is expected to come with a 5G chipset – the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset, a good 5,000mAh battery, and 256GB of internal storage. There could be a 3.5mm headphone jack flanked by n USB-C port and speaker grille at the bottom. The device will have two colour options: Blue and Black.

It is said that V13 would also resemble V5 in some ways. Like the chipset and 8GB RAM. The phone is expected to sell for CNY 1,799.

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