The British Royal Couple to Land Today in Pakistan

British Royal Couple

As per the government officials, the British Royal couple—Prince William and Kate Middleton would be landing today at the Nur Khan Airbase Rawalpindi around 4:00 pm.

The officials said that the Royal couple would be given a guard of honor upon their arrival at the Nur Khan airbase. They would be meeting with the Prime Minister—Imran Khan and President—Arif Alvi during their official 4-day visit.

As per a statement issued by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Pakistan, their Royal Highness would be meeting a wide array of people, which includes the young people and children, leaders from the business, government and the charity sector, renown cultural figures, inspiring conversationalists and the sporting celebrities.

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The trip of the Royal couple is majorly focused on portraying Pakistan as it is today—an aspirational, dynamic and forward-looking country.

The statement read that from the modern green capital—Islamabad to the city of life—Lahore, the mountainous countryside in North, and the western border region, the visit would extend over 1000km and would take in the rich culture of Pakistan, its beautiful landscapes, and its diverse communities.

Thomas Drew—the UK ambassador regarding the Royal couple’s visit to Pakistan said that this visit would portray Pakistan as a forward-looking nation.

He said that most importantly, the couple is planning to meet as many Pakistanis as possible during their visit. He further added that the Royal couple is looking forward to having a lasting friendship with the people of Pakistan.

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