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The British Backpackers are to Visit Pakistan Again

British Backpackers

The British Backpackers are the same guys who ranked Pakistan as the number 1 travel destination in the whole world. They are coming to visit Pakistan again this year and that too soon.

BBC featured the Backpacker society when they came to Pakistan last year.

The British Backpackers had travelled more than eighty countries all over the world in order to promote tourism and also to change the perception of people about certain countries which is generally negative.

One of the major reason for visiting Pakistan was that many people used to think of the country as a dangerous country. The BBS decided to visit Pakistan in 2018 and check themselves that whether all the allegations claimed by the media are true or not.

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After spending just a few weeks they discovered that not a single accusation was correct and declared Pakistan as one of the best travel places a tourist could visit.

The British backpackers have announced on a Facebook post that they are coming back once again to Pakistan with at least seven members to discover more about our country.

The British Backpacker Society is to visit Pakistan in a few days time.

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