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The border at Torkham to Remain Operational 24 hours from Next Month


The Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Torkham would remain operational twenty-four seven from next month that is the month of August for facilitating the bilateral and transit activities of trade between the two nations.

As per the District Administration Khyber, all the needed arrangements for this purpose have been completed nearly.

The government has also taken the decision of opening 7 more gates on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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The border at Torkham is being opened under the orders of the Prime Minister Imran Khan for encouraging trade with Afghanistan.

An official on anonymity conditions informed that the steps are targeted at increasing the bilateral trade relations with Afghanistan. This step would automatically surge the trade volume between the two nations and hence would result in increasing the job opportunities on both sides of the border, especially in the newly collaborated tribal districts.

On the other hand, the Karachi Traders have announced to start a 3-day protest against the skyrocketing taxes.

They have referred to the behaviour of the government as irresponsible.

The traders have also presented an eleven-point agenda.

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