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The Biggest-Ever Hole in the Ozone Layer Finally Closes

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The Europan Satellite Copernicus has identified that the biggest-ever hole in the ozone layer that was present above the Arctic has finally sealed. The discovery had come as a piece of good news during these stressful coronavirus times.

Previously, in the month of March, the scientists had noticed the formation of a hole in the layer and debated that it was the reason for decreasing temperatures at the north pole.

The ozone layer keeps the Earth protected from the ultra-violet rays of the sun which are a significant reason for diseases like skin cancer. The hole that was earlier identified would have posed a serious threat to human lives if it had extended to more populated areas.

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On the 23rd of April, a discovery was made by the Copernicus that the hole had closed itself. As per the scientists, this did not happen because of the low pollution levels owing to the coronavirus associated imposed lockdown across the globe.

Rather it was because of the polar vortex, which is the high-altitude commotions that bring in the cold air into the polar region. In recent times, the vortex has been broken and weakened thus letting warm air to flow inside.

The first hole in the ozone layer was noticed back in 2011.

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