The best Google Stadia Games To Play with Free Trials


Google Stadia has an ever-expanding library of games, from AAA titles to some fantastic indie games. While the cloud gaming service may not be for everyone the ability to stream on your TV through your Chromecast or play on the go with your tablet or phone makes it a versatile platform.

While most gaming platforms offer a free trial for some games, on Stadia you won’t even need to download them or create an account to try out these titles. Click or tap the Play button on the game’s store page, sign in with your Google account, and the game will start. Unfortunately, each game’s free trial has a short time limit, so you won’t have long to test them out.

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Axle City Racers

Trial Length: 60 minutes

Blaze and the Monster Machines is a family-friendly racing game that puts you behind the wheel of Blaze the monster truck or one of his friends. It’s a cheerful game that’s familiar to anyone who’s played Mario Kart before, and best of all it’s got a 4-player split-screen mode. Its simplicity makes it a great option for kids, or those inexperienced with racing games.

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Trial Length: 120 minutes

DRAGON QUEST XI was originally released in 2017, and the Definitive Edition, available on Stadia, includes all the original content plus the ability to switch between 2D and 3D graphics, extra scenarios, soundtrack options, and more. For anyone not familiar with DRAGON QUEST, this is a fantastic RPG that’ll keep you going for hours.


Trial Length: 120 minutes

GRIME is a side-scrolling RPG with an eerie and creepy atmosphere. As you adventure through the world, you’ll absorb enemies and mutate your weapons into new and creepy forms. It’s a surreal experience, that is certainly worth playing for people who love a platformer that isn’t just about running and jumping.


Trial Length: 120 minutes

HUMANKIND is the spiritual successor to the Civilization franchise. While it shares some core features like a hex-grid map and a focus on growing and evolving your faction, HUMANKIND lets you create a civilization that feels truly yours. You’ll mix and match cultures from across history to collect the most famous points and win the game.

Little Nightmare Complete Edition

Trial Length: 30 minutes

Little Nightmares is a horror platformer that’s perfect for those tired of cheap jump scares. It’s quirky enough to be fun, but a raft of childhood fears await around every corner. Your bright yellow outfit adds a splash of color, but this only serves to highlight the murky environments you’ll experience. If you aren’t a fan of platformers with combat like GRIME, this should be your first stop.


Trial Length: 60 minutes

MotoGP 21 is a realistic motorcycle racing game, set during the MotoGP 2021 season. While it’s tailored towards existing fans of the sport, anyone who enjoys racing games ought to give it a go. The full game boasts over 120 riders, and over 20 tracks, so this measly 60-minute trial will barely scratch the surface.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Trial Length: 30 minutes

Overcooked! All You Can Eat combines all content from the first two Overcooked! games, remastered with 4K visuals. It’s a great game to play with friends, as you’ll need to work together to make dishes on time. Alongside the remastered visuals comes fully integrated online multiplayer, so you can finally play through the entire series online.

PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle

Trial Length: 30 minutes

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle brings the battle royale genre to Pac-Man, pitting you and 63 other players together across interconnected mazes. The classic formula remains the same, but be careful, as players and even spectators can interfere with your game.

Risk of Rain 2

Trial Length: 60 minutes

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike shooter where you’ll attempt to escape a beautifully handcrafted alien world. To prevent your escape, the game sends infinite waves of enemies at you, but by collecting and combining new items, you can hold them off in time to reach the next level. You can either defeat the final boss to complete your run or see how long you can last as the enemies grow in number and strength.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Trial Length: 30 minutes

SteamWorld Dig 2 should be first on the list for people fond of classic platformer games. It combines steampunk and Wild West themes to create a world packed with bizarre contraptions and quirky enemies. You’ll adventure beneath the surface of a mining town, battling dangerous enemies and upgrading your gear to delve ever deeper.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8

Trial Length: 30 minutes

Jackbox Games are always the perfect thing to bring out at your next game night, and The Jackbox Party Pack 8 is the latest iteration, offering up five original games. It allows up to 10 players per game, and your phone acts as the controller, making it quick and easy for friends to jump in.

World War Z: Aftermath

Trial Length: 60 minutes

World War Z: Aftermath is the sequel to the co-op zombie shooter World War Z. While its method of offering you a weapon and a horde of zombies to test it out on isn’t groundbreaking for the zombie genre, it’s still a brilliantly fun game. Aftermath includes a new melee system, and a first-person mode, so you can get up close and personal with the undead horde.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Trial Length: 120 minutes

Ys IX is an action RPG that will feel instantly familiar to those who played the prequel, Ys VIII. It differs in the freedom you’re given to leap, grapple, and run across the rooftops of the city of Balduq. You’ll collect gifts, hack through hordes of enemies, and meet a lively cast of characters to join in your adventure.

Google Stadia packs hours of fun

If you haven’t given Stadia a shot, these free trials are the perfect way to dip your toe into streaming games. If you end up taking them on the go with your phone or tablet, you’ll need a good controller as touch screen controls won’t cut it for most of these games.
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