The best and worst countries for Women

Let us tell all our readers, especially women about the best and worst countries for women.  The best region to be a woman is Scandinavia while the worst is Central Africa. Denmark is the best while Chad is the worst country to be a woman.

A study released by Equal Measures 2030, a U.K.-based NGO has revealed this. The NGO collects data on gender equality with the help of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other private companies.

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EM2030’s 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Gender Index explores 129 countries around the world assessing them on basis of gender budgeting and public services, pay gaps on basis of gender, representation in powerful positions equal or not, and violence based on gender.

The study found out that 40% world’s female that is 1.4 billion of them live in countries that fail on gender equality. Another 1.4 billion live in nations that “barely pass.”

Following the United States’ 2-0 win against the Netherlands in the World Cup final, the fan started chanting “equal pay” to which the American soccer star Megan Rapinoe said, “the fans said it all”.

Right at the top, the best country for women is Denmark scoring 89.3 according to EM2030’s ranking. Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland also have 85 or above rank.

The countries with the lowest score are mostly in Central Africa. Chad has the lowest score of 33.4 while the Democratic Republic of Congo has a score of 38.2 points.

As for women in Pakistan, we informed our readers in an article about how Pakistan is still ranked 6th most dangerous country for women.

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