The authentication system in Google Messages for Web will probably be improved

In order to use apps on the web, users are required to authenticate the connection between devices with the help of a QR code. The same is the case with WhatsApp and Google Messages for the Web. To connect the smartphone and the computer, users are required to scan a QR code available within the app. With this, users get access to secondary devices and eventually to apps. One of the exceptions to this practice is Google Fi which enables users to log in to the web portal by just using their Fi account.

According to some recent pieces of information, it is about to change. 9to5Google reports that Google is experimenting with an account-based system for Message authentication. The information was uncovered during an APK teardown. This implies that everyone can link their account to the internet by logging into the same Google account they use on their phones, not just Fi subscribers. Simple!

Interestingly, the authentication might incorporate emojis. Yes, you read it right. Google might add an emoji-based 2FA system. Emojis will be displayed to you when you log in to Messages for Web. To confirm that it’s you, you’ll then need to tap that same collection of emojis on your phone. On the other hand, you can break the connection by clicking the “No, it’s not me” link.

It could be way better than the QR code scanning method. It seems, though, that Google will continue to support that method if you would like it. Although we anticipate that the business will eventually discontinue this approach, it ought to be an option at first. Currently, there are no official details on when the new feature will roll out. Given the recent information decoded by 9to5Google, it might debut anytime soon, possibly before the end of this year.

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