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The Animals are not Meant to be Kept in Cages or Zoos: Islamabad High Court says

The Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) Justice Athar Minallah, during the hearing of the contempt case against the officials of the wildlife department over the deaths of lions, said that the animals are not meant to be kept in the cages or zoos.

The Chief Justice of the high court remarked that how would you feel if someone locked you up in a case for even two hours? “Men have no right to be cruel towards those who cannot speak for themselves,” Justice Minallah said.

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Everyone comes to take the credit but there is not a single man who takes the responsibility when the animals die, justice remarked. Chief Justice Islamabad High Court further said that they had even heard that some officials steal the food kept for the animals.

During the hearing of the case, the court said that it will first determine that who is actually responsible for the deaths of the pair of lions in the federal capital Islamabad.

The high court has asked the federal minister of Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam and the State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir to submit replies the respective case.

Details of Lions death case

A pair of lions died when they were being transferred from the Marghazar Zoo, Islamabad to a farmhouse situated in Lahore over the order of the court.

After the deaths, the case was registered under Section 5 of the Animals Act, 1990. Section 5 of the Animals Act punishes the people for killing any animal in an unnecessarily cruel manner.

According to the details, those convicted under the law must have to pay a fine of Rs200 and can be sent to jail for up to six months.

The details mentioned in the First Information Report (FIR) say that the caretakers of the Lions beat them with sticks and lit a fire in their cage to knock them unconscious instead of giving them a tranquillizer.

The video in which the caretakers of the lions igniting a fire in the cage of the lions has also been shared on the social media platforms. On the other hand, the carelessness of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board is also being investigated in this case.

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