The Action button of the iPhone 15 Pro is set to receive a new function

According to the information, the iOS 17.2 beta software includes several upcoming features. Reportedly, the action button of the iPhone 15 Pro will receive a new feature with the new update. On debuting the iPhone 15 series, the company confirmed that the Action Button will have 10 different customizations. Of all the customizations, the Translate feature was unavailable at the launch.

According to the information shared by 9to5Mac, the new iOS 17.2 beta adds the Translate action to the Action Button. On your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15, if you designate Translate as the Action Button’s function, tapping the button will launch a translation session on the phone’s Dynamic Island. Therefore, you may launch the feature from the Action Button and begin using on-device language translations without having to open the Translation app.

Your phone will begin listening for speech that needs to be translated as soon as you hit the Action Button that has Translate assigned to it. After that, it converts detected languages into the language of your choice using the Translate app’s pre-configured options. In addition to this, the company recently announced that in the future, sealed iPhones will be updated while packed. Evidence of this new feature was identified in the code in iOS 17.2. It confirms that an external device can transfer firmware wirelessly.

This supports Mark Gurman’s earlier revelation that Apple uses a proprietary gadget that, when placed inside an iPhone box, can transfer the most recent software update to the phone inside.

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