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Thatta to Get a Brand-New Museum


The ancient city of Thatta would soon be getting a brand-new museum for showcasing its old civilization and history.

Thatta is the city of the province of Sindh known for its rich ancient history, tradition and culture. The city has got many monuments which makes it a perfect spot for tourism.

Not much has been done for promoting the rich culture and tradition of the old city. People who have got no knowledge about the city, could not get any information regarding it from Thatta as nothing has been done to answer the questions pertaining to the old city’s history and culture.

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The city is to get its own museum soon which is aimed at educating the people about the rich history, culture and tradition of the city. The museum looks promising so far from the pictures that have surfaced from under development.

The opening up of the museum would not just give the local citizens another place to visit with their family on holidays or weekends however would also attract tourists and would boost tourism in the country.

On the other hand, for providing another source of thought provoking entertainment to the Pakistanis the famous renown writer Anwar Maqsood has announced that he is working on another stage play; Naya Pakistan which would be played on the August 14 this year.

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