Thar coal power plant will start operation in December

According to the Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah, the development going on in Thar will be a game changer.

He said, “We have changed the game by excavating coal and are now going to transmit the first electron in the national grid in December.

Thar coal power plant will start operation in December

He said this while addressing a delegation of 125 participants from National Defence University (NDU) of the National Security and War Course-2019. They visited him at CM House.

The CM said,  “The coal mining and coal-based power project plan was initiated by Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto during her second tenure. But the successive governments not only scrapped the project but also dishonored international commitment.”

He disclosed that when there was no option available the Sindh government partnered up with Engro and decided to start the mining work.

He said, “With the help of Almighty Allah, coal has been produced from the mine and the coal-based power plant is also at the completion stage and in December 2018 we will start producing electricity from the coal.”

He said that the provincial government has invested $1 billion to develop the airport, infrastructure and other facilities in Thar. Now according to the Sindh Chief Minister, Thar has become the land of opportunities with doors opened in coal mining, tourism, hotel market, transport etc.

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Talking about poverty in Thar, Shah said that poverty is due to drought. Most of the population lives in the desert. Rainfall is necessary for their survival. If it does not rain they are forced to migrate and thus their cattle, and children die during migration.

He said,  “We have started distributing wheat free-of-charge, launched a nutrition programme and upgraded all the tehsil and district hospitals where all facilities are available.”

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