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Thal Express Inauguration on Feb 12

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Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways made an announcement on Saturday that the Prime Minister—Imran Khan would be inaugurating the Thal Express on the 12th of February.

While addressing a press conference in the provincial capital of Punjab, Sheikh Rasheed said that the span of the journey between Lahore and Karachi would be decreased by 30 minutes after the inauguration of Lai Expressway on the 1st of March.

He also mentioned that the railways have introduced 2 freight trains while more freight trains would soon be started in near future.

The minister also said that all steps are being taken for increasing the income of the Railways and added that he would be conducting a meeting on the Main Line 1 project (ML1) during this week for finalizing the new tender.

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Sheikh Rasheed gave a hint that he would be resigning after the completion of the ML1 and Lai Expressway.

He also informed that the headquarter of the freight company has been moved to Karachi from Lahore. He said that a VIP train—Jinnah Express would also be introduced on the 30th of March and added that another VIP train would also be launched soon which would be after the name of Syed Ahmed Khan.

He said that he would be listening to the online complaints from 9 am to 10 am on regular basis for improving the performance of the overall railway’s department.

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