Text Formatting is now rolling out for Google Keep Notes

We learned about Google’s plans to give its note-taking software Keep Notes some text formatting last year. A recent leak of this capability revealed to us that it is simple but useful. The text layout for Google Keep Notes is finally going out, according to Mishaal Rahman.

If you want a seamless note-taking experience, Google Keep Notes is a fantastic option. Along with text-based notes, you can upload images and record audio and handwritten notes in addition to text-based notes.

You may access your notes from any device logged in with your Google account because Keep Notes is connected to your Google account. If you take notes frequently, then you need to try this app.

Text Formatting is rolling for Google keep notes

Although this app’s text layout is rather simple, it shouldn’t be a major problem. Complex formatting is not necessary for taking notes. If you want to have titles and sub-headings, you can use two heading sizes.

You can format the paragraph text using the standard formatting options found in any word processor. You can choose between bold, italics, and underlining. You must tap on the formatting button on the toolbar directly above the keyboard to access the formatting.

You will be able to easily access all the options because they will be organized on the toolbar. The “X” to close the toolbar can be found on its right side.

So, you will have some formatting to improve the experience if you need to take more in-depth notes using the app. This feature is still being implemented right now, so you might not immediately see it. Ensure that your application is completely updated.