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Tesla To Sell Solar Roofs In Europe Soon: Registers New Patents

Solar Roof

The US automaker Tesla has fulfilled the next requirement for the market launch of its solar roofs in Europe: The corresponding patents for the roof tiles that are already available in the USA are now also registered here.

The solar roof is an essential part of the overall concept that Tesla wants to market: from the beginning, the company sees itself not only as a pure car manufacturer but also as a provider of an electric mobility concept. Of course, this also means that the owners of a Tesla electric car also receive the energy supply for the vehicles from a single source.

Elon Musk’s company does not rely on classic solar panels that are screwed onto an existing roof. Instead, roof tiles are offered in various designs, in which the solar modules are already incorporated. The underlying patent is now registered with the relevant European authorities and in the databases have been added.

Market launch is not trivial

At the beginning of the year, Musk had already announced that the solar roofs would actually be launched outside the USA later this year. However, this requires more than just expanding the sales infrastructure. The corresponding production capacities must also be planned in the Gigafactory New York so that interested customers in Europe do not have to wait too long after a market launch and are disappointed.

Basically, PV modules that are incorporated into roof tiles are nothing new. There are also different manufacturers in this country. At Tesla, however, it is the all-in-one concept with which one is already quite successful in the USA. The advantage of implementing PV systems in this form is that they have a lot of visual appeals and can also be installed when normal panels, for example, due to monument protection, may not be used in a specific region. However, the lifespan is not longer than that of normal systems, but a roof usually remains much longer.

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