Tesla Roadster supercar base model will cost only $200,000 – Research Snipers

Tesla Roadster supercar base model will cost only $200,000

Tesla has revealed its semi-trucks in the event yesterday, during the event, CEO Elon Musk has also surprisingly revealed a newer version of Tesla Roadster, now you know how much it will cost. Tesla Roadster base model will start from $200,000 but you must have to pay upfront $50,000 deposit.

If you are interested in it you can now put your deposits in for the first batch delivery.

However, first 1000 models will be Founder’s Series Models which will cost $250,000 upfront. The production process is yet to begin by 2020. The way Tesla is describing Roadster and claiming the specs it’s got, every supercar maker should be worried about it.

The comparable supercars to Tesla Roadster are hybrid supercars including Ferrari, Porsche (918 Spyder) and McLaren (P1) they all roughly cost around $1 million. Another upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes AMG Project One will cost roughly $3 million.

This creates a reminiscence of smartphone manufacturers, the way Xiaomi and Huawei is acquiring Samsung’s market with higher specifications, quality and lower prices.

If Tesla is able to build faster, Cheaper and all-electric supercars for the fraction of price as compared to other manufacturers then would you not buy it just because it’s cheaper? It would definitely develop insomnia among other supercar manufacturers.