Tesla Model 3 New Design In Works To Save Costs

According to an insider report, Tesla is working on a redesign of the Model 3, codenamed “Highland“. The company’s goal is therefore to reduce the complexity and number of components required for the production of the sedan.

The primary goal is to save costs in the manufacturing process as per what is said and reported by Reuters. Nothing is known about the exact details yet.

The redesign could include changes to the vehicle’s exterior as well as powertrain performance, according to Reuters report. However, Tesla is probably still in the process of examining all options and has not yet made a final decision.

The project, dubbed Highland, is set to build on the 2021 Model S makeover. Further information, including information about who gave Reuters the details about the new Model 3, was not disclosed.

Many details are unknown yet

Therefore, there are several questions about the new Model 3, including the battery. Elon Musk had said that by 2020, the new battery design would enable Tesla to produce a $25,000 electric car within three years. If Tesla now plans to make major changes, this could significantly reduce the price of the Model 3. With the link to the revamped Model S already being drawn, the question is whether the redesigned Model 3 will feature the controversial new steering wheel.

You will have to be patient for some time before the car manufacturer will reveal official details.

Reuters also reports that Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai will begin production of the new Model 3 sometime in the third quarter of 2023. The Fremont plant will also produce the restyled sedan. It’s unclear how much Tesla can save with the revamped Model 3, and if the company will pass the cost savings on to customers.

Tesla currently makes about $9,500 in profit on each car it produces. Design changes could now absorb rising energy and transport prices.