Terror Threat: Schools & Hospitals in Punjab Alerted

Due to the recent terrorist attacks all over Pakistan, a fear has spread all across the nation. A security alert is given after an intelligence report circulated that there is terror threat to schools and hospitals all over Punjab. A letter was given to Punjab government that states that schools and hospital in Punjab, specifically in Faisalabad and Multan are under security threat.

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The letter issued states that due to terror threats ‘You are, therefore, requested to direct all Heads of schools to remove deficiencies on the war footed basis and ensure foolproof security arrangements as per SOPs issued by Home Department time to time, to avoid any untoward incident under intimation to this office’.


It is hinted in the notice issued that terrorists might wear security personnel uniforms and then target educational institutes, hospital, offices, and state vehicles in Punjab. As stated ‘Reportedly it has been learned that TTP terrorists ex Sajna Group have acquired army uniform (CCD) and they were observed undergoing training in Afghanistan’. Two it is stated that these terrorists will target administrative areas, schools, and hospitals. The message is forwarded to ensure ‘extreme vigilance and heightened security measures at all levels’.

After this notice security arrangement have been done by Punjab Government to ensure no such incident takes place.

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