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Ten Affordable Bikes in Pakistan


Crown CR 70

It is a highly affordable bike in Pakistan. The price of the bike is Rs 43000. People from all walks of life can easily buy it. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is quite reasonable of 9.5 liters. The inexpensive spare parts of all crown motorcycles are available which is an added advantage.

DYL Dhoom YD-70

Three biggest qualities of this bike are the comfort, style, and affordability. The bike is the best among 70cc bikes in Pakistan. The price of the bike is 48500. The engine of the bike is 4 stroke air-cooled SOHC and mileage is 60-65 km/L


The affordable price of this bike is Rs 40,500. This is not the only plus point, the bike has attracted customers because of its shape and mileage. There are four gears of the bike that can speed up to almost 90km/hr.

Honda CD 70 2018

Honda CD 70 2018 is affordable yet a high standard bike in Pakistan. The price of the bike is 63,500. The bike has 2 years warranty and easy availability of spare parts. The bike looks amazing in red and black colors. Honda is a big name in both car and bike industry. A bike within the range from one of the leading companies in Pakistan is a plus point for the consumers.

United US 70

The price of the bike is Rs 38000. The USP of United US 70 bike is its price, high rated mileage and availability of cheap parts. The bike has all essential spec needed for a 70cc bike. The technology is improved for a better fuel consumption.

Unique UD 70

The price of the bike is Rs 44000. The quality of this bike is its dry weight of 82kg, multi-color body graphics, availability of spare parts and obviously price range.

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Super Power SP 70

Super Power is not an established bike brand in Pakistan. Super Power SP 70 bike has all the features that a normal 70cc bike has, it only advantage is its price which is Rs 40,500.

Road Prince RP 70

The price of this bike is Rs 40,000. The advantage of this bike is its high resale value, its comfort, and its attractive speedometer. The seat of the bike is spacious and the engine is powerful 4-stroke.

Power PK 70

The price of the bike is Rs 39000. It is a good choice for beginners as its easy to handle and a stable bike. Power PK 70 is quite an affordable bike.

Osaka AF 70

The price of the bike is Rs 42,500. As per Osaka, it is one of the most demanding bikes in the market. It is designed keeping in mind Japanese technology. The bike has an appealing design, utmost durability, and great mileage along with a reasonable price.